5 famous Vietnamese flower villages

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Wander around the village, you will feel the spring air on every shelve of flowers, which not only help to improve the living standards for the farmers, but also turn the area into an ideal travel destination and photography place.

Sa Dec flower village, Dong Thap province

For over 100 years, Sa Dec flower village located near the Sa Giang river, has been well known as the land of thousands of varieties of beautiful flowers and strange plants. Coming to the flower village of Sa De, you will seem to be lost in a fairyland, full of colours and aromas of diverse flowers and plants such as dahlia, hydrangeas, orchids, areca, wrightia religiosa, sinensis rosa and African marigold. The village also boasts several varieties of roses with different colours of red, violet, pink, white and orange.

One of the most typical features of Sa Dec, which is different from other flower villages, is that Sa Dec farmer plant flowers on shelves. According to some old farmers, owners of flower gardens, in the past during flood season they had to move flower pots to higher positions or shelves to avoid being destroyed by water then they changed to plant flowers on shelves. It is rather interesting and impressive when seeing farmers rowing boats on canals to tend or harvest flowers grown on trellises above their head that is only seen in this area.

Flowers in Sa Dec are divided into two kinds: flowers for Tet holiday (traditional lunar new year) and seasonal flowers. The farmers often plant chrysanthemum morifolium, Taiwan chrysanthemums, tiger chrysanthemums, roses and dahlias to supply for the Tet holiday and after that they plant other short-day varieties of flowers, such as catharanthus roseus, portulaca gradiflora hook, lantana camara and ixora cocconea. Flowers are often transported by boats on the Tien river to other provinces in Mekong delta, Ho Chi Minh city, the central region, the central highlands, the north and even are exported to the neighbouring countries of Laos, Cambodia and China.


IMG_3636Sa Dec flowers are sold to many southern cities and provinces, especialy in Ho Chi Minh city.

Cai Mon flower village, Ben Tre province

Cai Mon flower village located in Cho Lach district, about 40 kilometers from Ben Tre city, has favorable natural conditions for planting fruit trees, ornamental flowers and plants. It is also considered as the kingdom of bonsai in Viet Nam. According to research documents on south, in the past, two banks of the canal in Cai Mon was the gathering place of honey bees because Cai Mon has lush orchards with flowers bloom throughout the year. The name Cai Mon was originated from that. Cai means the grand canal and Mon is slang of Mum, which means honey in Khmer language.

Cai Mon has many rest and recreation places according to the garden tourism model. You can visit the areas of cultivating saplings, planting and manipulating bonsai. There are thousands of farmers in Cai Mon planting the traditional flowers such as marigold, dahlia, carnation… In particular, Cai Mon also preserves a dozen of rose species including velvety rose, yellow rose, Elizabeth rose, Korokit rose… In addition, you can find valuable hundred-year ornamental trees such as fig, carambola, areca, apricot… All of them become excellent art works by the skilled hands of artisans.

After visiting the “kingdom of bonsai”, you can stop-over in lush orchards in Cai Mon to taste delicious fruits such as mangosteen, durian… Walking along winding paths round lush green gardens, you will feel as lost in gardens. In the afternoon, you can stand on the rope bridges to see sunset and enjoy Ben Tre specialties in small restaurants with coconut roof along the banks of the canal or nestled among the picturesque gardens, hear the melodious tune of “Don ca tai tu” music and song. 

DSCN6221Two months before the lunar New Year, the villages are very bustling.

My Phong flower village, Tien Giang province

The Cai Mon flower village in Ben Tre province and the Sa Dec flower village in Dong Thap province are the main flower villages in the southwestern region but also My Phong, Vi Thanh and Phuoc Dinh flower villages. Thanks to a favourable climate and fertile soil together with the great passion of locals for flowers, the trade of growing flowers has strongly developed and turned the village into the largest flower village in the south, bringing a great economic benefit to the locals.   

Located on national road No. 50 near My Tho city, My Phong flower village is easy to found for every travelers and photographers. People from everywhere have come to farms in My Phong to looking for their favorite plants. Some special kinds like mountain ginseng, fig or wrightia religiosa are usually sought after and sold out earlier than apricot blossom, mandarin orange plants and ornamental flowers. 

IMG_2390Cockscomb flowers, chrysanthemum morifolium and sunflowers beside a small canal. 

Vi Thanh flower village, Hau Giang province

The most important task is making flowers bloom at Tet. Most of flower trees have been planted in pots to prepare for the Tet. It takes more time to take care of ornamental plants than flowers, so people started to grow them from the beginning of the year. They are now only focusing on some special treatment for the plants. Depending on the growing time of each tree, people can decide when to plant.

As other farmers in the Mekong delta region, people in Vi Thanh have begun intensive care for their plants at year’s end to prepare for the upcoming spring sale season. Year’s end is the planting season for short-term ornamental plants such as chili, heart-shaped plant and small carnation. 

IMG_3165Merchants from other provinces buy flowers.

Phuoc Dinh flower village, Vinh Long province

Phuoc Dinh village will supply 4.5-5 million flower pots to the market this Tet, including 1.7 million yellow apricot trees. In this busiest time of year, farmers have to work in the garden from dawn to dusk, taking care of the trees, watering, fertilizing, weeding and spraying plant protection drugs.

IMG_3164Flower villages are famous places for photographers, travelers…

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